Contact Chip Cards

We design and produce chip cards for every situation. Our graphic design, printing and customisation departments identify the graphics, material, finishes, technology you need for the cards’ intended use and your specific requirements.
Every production process is performed by highly specialised experts who create every last detail of the cards with the utmost care to give our customers a unique product. The team of people tasked with customising the graphics and electronics for the chip cards meticulously design and perfect every aspect down to the tiniest detail: from printing colour photos and variable data and encoding the magnetic stripe to encoding the chip to the customer’s specifications.
We produce contact cards with memory sizes ranging from 256 byte for the FM4442 through to the FM4428 chip card with 1024 byte. We can supply every type of contact card in production. Depending on your requirements and chosen application, we suggest the most suitable memory size for your specific needs: contact cards with original INFINEON or ATMEL chips offer flexible memory sizes for any type of application from 1K, 2K, 4K, 8K and 16K.