Eco-friendly Cards

Eco-friendly Cards

Awareness of environmental issues and associated activities helps society to appreciate the need to discuss a new approach to its behaviours and habits and this includes redesigning products and/or services with a low environmental impact.

MattCard subscribes to the principle of economic development compatible with sustainable development to safeguard the environment that created the sustainable economy by supporting the so-called green economy.

We produce cards made from eco-sustainable materials, such as eco-friendly PVC cards, PET cards, PLA cards, cards made from recycled material, wooden cards, and metal cards.

  • Eco-friendly PVC cards are the ideal solution if you want a high-quality product with a low environmental impact.

      What are the key features of eco-friendly PVC cards?

✓ they do not leave crude oil-based polymer fragments in the ground

✓ they are safe during prolonged contact with food

✓ they are not made with organic chlorine compounds or heavy metals

✓ they do not produce methane or nitrogen compounds during disposal

✓ reliable recycling without any residues

✓ they can fully biodegrade within 36-48 month

  • PET is widely held to be more environmentally friendly than standard PVC as no chlorine is used in the production process. Plus, PET is more recyclable than PVC and a good infrastructure for recycling PET is already in place. Please note that our standard PET cards are 100% PET while our PET cards with RFID technology are 50% PET and 50% PVC.
  • Corn or PLA (polylactic acid) cards are extracted from corn and provide an excellent alternative for environmentally conscious organisations and individuals. Aside from the renewable nature of corn, corn cards require far less energy in production and produce less greenhouse gas than the usual crude oil-based alternative of PVC
  • Our recycled cards are produced with 60% PVC and 40% recycled material. Recycled RFID cards cannot be produced at the moment. Recycled PVC reduces the amount of PVC that is disposed and produced, which reduces the use of our limited natural resources.
  • Wooden cards are fully recyclable. They are available in one thickness with the option of laser printing, silkscreen printing or dye-sublimation printing.
  • Metal cards are all made with stainless steel and laminated for a coloured finish. We can produce cards with a gloss or matte finish in satin gold, matte black, brushed silver, or red bronze.

Choosing MattCard means making an ethical choice because

we support the One Tree Planted project, so we are committed

to planting one tree for every order of eco-friendly products.