Contactless Smart Cards

We design and produce RFID cards for every possible requirement, including with dual- and triple-technology. Our graphic design, printing and customisation departments identify the graphics, material, finishes, technology, and even the shape of antenna and number of spires you need for the cards’ intended use and your specific requirements.
Every production process is performed by highly specialised experts who create every last detail of the cards with the utmost care to give our customers a unique product. The team of people tasked with customising the graphics and electronics for the smart cards meticulously design and perfect every aspect down to the tiniest detail: printing colour photos and variable data, encoding the magnetic stripe, encoding the chip to the customer’s specifications, UID number reading, and encoding electronic product code (EPC) identifiers with proprietary security algorithms if requested.
We produce RFID cards with every type of technology, blank cards, and cards printed with offset technology. These are just some of the technologies offered by MattCard: EM Marin, HITAG 1/HITAG 2, ATMEL T5567 TEMIC, MIFARE Classic 1K with 7-byte UID, MIFARE Classic 4K, MIFARE Classic Ultralight C, MIFARE DESfire, MIFARE Plus, I-Code cards, and NFC NTAG® 203, 213, 215 and 216 cards.